Expertise and experience in reinforced backfill applications and soil-structure interaction.

Precast bridges and tunnels

Roads and motorways


Ever since its invention, Reinforced Earth® has been used in the construction of road structures, motorways and bridge abutments, which often means cutting [...]

Sports and Leisure


Thanks to its excellent adaptability, the Reinforced Earth® technology provides an ideal response to the design requirements for sport and leisure structures;  Climbing [...]

Rivers and Waterways


Rivers and waterways around the world are essential assets to be maintained and preserved. The valleys opened by rivers frequently provide way for [...]



The retaining structures alongside railway lines must be perfectly capable of absorbing the vibrations caused by passing trains and supporting the high stresses [...]

Ports and Coastal Works


The Terre Armée Group delivers best-fit solutions and provides end-to-end support in projects that need to conform to the specific requirements for harbor [...]



The excellent adaptability of the Reinforced Earth® and TechSpan® technologies mean that they are the ideal solution for meeting the requirements of protective [...]

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