Construction of TechSpan® for Brigade Meadows project, Kanakpura Road, Bengaluru city, India.

Project Details


Arch Type
3-Pin TechSpan


Brigade Enterprises Ltd.


Brigade Enterprises Ltd.




  • Terre Armée (Reinforced Earth India Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Terra Firma C S L


This was a project for construction of a bridge across a stream inside a real estate project, BRIGADE MEADOWS, promoted by Brigade Enterprises Limited (BEL).

BEL was also the main contractor in this project. Due to the stream within the project site, bridge construction was the only solution for the client. The bridge was proposed to provide access to the existing city road owned by Public Works Department. Being a real estate project, time was a crucial factor for client. Terre Armée in India suggested a precast solution for the project. Terre Armée in India not only provided the TechSpan® solution to BEL but also took responsibility of value addition to the project by proposing TerraTrel® system for approaches to create aesthetic appeal.


The first challenge was to design interface details of slopes and verticals between TerraClass® and TerraTrel® Walls.

The second challenge was the involvement of four different systems in a single solution: TechSpan®, Reinforced Earth® wall with TerraClass®, TerraTrel® with boulder facing and TerraTrel® with vegetative inclined wall. Three types of finishes had to be constructed in a short span of 126m at different profiles.

The third challenge was to place and compact the fill in between Techspan® arches.


The intricate interfacing design detail was solved by smooth transition of loads from sloped wall to vertical wall at approaches.

The construction method adopted was to initially erect the multi-span TechSpan® and TerraTrel® with green finish near TechSpan®. Filling was carried out simultaneously at the end of TechSpan as well as in between TechSpan to restrict arch movement due to uneven filling. The movement of arches during backfilling was captured through FEM stage analysis before finalising the construction method engineering.

The major challenge of filling between arches was addressed by doing manual backfilling at the bottom, where space was a constraint between two arches. A temporary ramp was prepared at one end of the arch. A compact track loader was moved in between TechSpan® units for filling at top layers. The fill between consecutive arches was compacted using baby roller and plate compactors.

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