C5 Segment 2 and 3A-2

Project Details


Reinforced Earth MSE Walls


Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation


China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC)


April 2024


  • Reinforced Earth Philippines 
  • DCCD Engineering Corporation

Cavitex is a 14-km expressway running from Roxas Boulevard to Cavite. C5 Segment 2 and 3A-2 is a project facilitated by Cavitex Infrastruction Corporation (CIC).

C5 Segment 2 is a 1.9 km expressway and on the other hand Segment 3A-2 is a 1.6 km stretch. Design, supply, and technical support for the construction of the Reinforced Earth® wall were provided by Reinforced Earth Philippines and designed the walls with Terra Class panels using Geocore® system with high Adherence Geostrap®. The maximum height of the wall in this project was 13 m and an area of 23,900 sqm. Despite the delay in the construction due to a lack of backfill material, the construction finished in April 2024.

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