First low carbon footprint of Reinforced Earth Philippines located at the Daang Hari Flyover, Cavite 

Project Details


Reinforced Earth MSE Walls


Department of Public Works & Highways 


R.A. Pahati Construction & Supply Inc. 


December 2023 


Reinforced Earth Philippines 

The inauguration of the Daang Hari Flyover marked a significant moment, occurring on December 12th, 2023, with government officials present. 

This event stands as a notable achievement for Reinforced Earth Philippines, despite facing a nearly year-long delay in the installation of the MSE structure due to right of way issues. However, the panels were successfully casted in October 2022. 

Introducing Exegy concrete for the first time in our Philippine projects was a bold move for us. We took the initiative to engineer a concrete mix utilizing fly ash to mitigate our carbon footprint. 

After conducting trials, we submitted our mix for approval to the Department of Public Works & Highways, which granted approval with a commendable 30% reduction in cement content. 

Our aim is to inspire other infrastructure stakeholders in the Philippines, including various DPWH offices, to embrace more sustainable practices in their projects. We believe our efforts can pave the way for wider adoption of eco-friendly solutions. 

This successful venture has also served as a valuable reference for subsequent projects, both under DPWH and public-private partnerships (PPP). 

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