A precast retaining wall system, TechWall™ combines the advantages of counterfort with the quality and effectiveness of precast concrete. A great fit for sites with soil bearing capacities allowing for shallow foundations, TechWall™ can also be combined with piling solutions to accommodate different types of soil. Sustainable, cost-effective, and quick to install, TechWall™ may just be the ideal solution for your project needs.

What is TechWallTM ?

TechWallTM is a precast retaining wall system which combines the design advantages of counterforts with the quality and effectiveness of precast concrete.

The ability of counterforts to act as cantilever beams resisting lateral earth pressure makes it key to the overall success of the TechWallTM system. Because the counterforts are heavily reinforced, the moments in the facing panel are minimized and a relatively thin concrete panel may be used.


This type of precast wall is frequently used in civil works not only for wingwalls and abutments, but also as an independent retaining structure.
Some applications include:

  • Any earth retaining structure for highway, railway, industrial, marine, and landscaping applications.
  • Wing walls and head walls of bridges, underpasses and culverts
  • Water front retaining walls for river training works

Site Conditions and Specs

TechWall™ counterfort precast retaining walls are a good fit for sites presenting a soil bearing capacity that allows for a shallow foundation. A piling solution can also be integrated in the design, when required.
This system can reach up to 15 m in height. The wall unit width can vary between 1.20 m and 2.40 m, and other widths can be manufactured when necessary.
Every wall unit is composed of a full height facing panel to the back of which two counterforts are perpendicularly attached.
Footings are cast in place after setting and bracing the panels on the levelling pad. When a toe footing is needed for soil bearing capacity reasons, a hole in the facing panel ensures the continuity of the horizontal rebar.
Footings can be precast directly with counterforts and facing panel if shipping conditions allow this.
The panel facings can be customized with various architectural finishes.

Construction Sequence

  1. Set of precast panels on top of a leveling pad or a shear key
  2. Installation of lateral bracing
  3. Erection of footing forms
  4. Placing and tying of reinforcing steel
  5. Pouring of footing concrete
  6. Removal of bracing
  7. Backfilling of structure


Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness

The overall cost of a TechWallTM is equal to or lower than conventional retaining wall methods and maintenance requirements are minimal. Thinner panels reduce concrete use and flexibility in the use of backfill materials, link >>

Rapid construction

Rapid construction

The standardized TechWall TM method reduces construction time by 50% to 60%. Full-height monolithic precast units eliminate the need for soil reinforcements, link >>



Durable full-height facing units allow for a simple appearance or a wide variety of surface textures, or custom artwork, link >>